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The Why Community is an innovative online community designed to promote emotional wellness through a healthy lifestyle. The Why Community will be a source of information and support for individuals and organizations looking for answers and solutions related to Mental Health, Mental Wellness, and Emotional Growth.

Meet Dr. Sherry

Clinical Psychologist | Media Personality | Speaker | Author | Mental Health Expert

Dr. Sherry Blake is also known as Dr. Sherry, the therapist to the stars and most recently known as, the Why Doctor. Dr. Sherry is a licensed clinical psychologist with 30+ years and over 100,000 hours of direct and indirect service. She is one of the most highly sought-after media experts in the area of mental health. Dr. Sherry works with everyone from celebrities in the entertainment, news, and sports arena to everyday people.  

Dr. Sherry has been seen on some of the top rated Reality TV Shows as well numerous other TV networks, radio, and print media including CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC. She has written a book "The Single Married Woman" and writes a weekly column “Ask Dr. Sherry" for Essence.com.

Dr. Sherry earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  She also earned her Masters of Science Degree from Vanderbilt after graduating summa cum laude from Tennessee State University. Dr. Sherry has served on numerous Boards of Directors and as the President of the Metropolitan Atlanta Mental Health Association. 

Dr. Sherry has developed an innovative online “Why Community” to provide information related to relationships and issues that impact mental wellness. Dr. Sherry’s Edge Empowerment Foundation (EEF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to educate, encourage, and empower individuals and organizations regarding mental health. The mission is to reduce mental health stigma, increase mental health awareness, and promote mental wellness in underserved populations.

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